Super Nano (NYHET)


Rek. Pris: 7000kr


Nano Carbon Pursuit

Blending the best performance features of the new Champion Series skate and classic offerings, the new Nano Carbon Pursuit features the stiffened carbon frame found on the Nano Carbon Skate with the supple forefoot flex found on the Nano Carbon Classic.
The Nano Carbon Pursuit maintains sensitive feel for the snow and control of the wax pocket, while offering the ankle support of a World Cup skate boot. Featuring a PVC-free build with the lightweight, breathable MemBrain® lace cover, the Nano Carbon Pursuit truly does it all.

Sizes: 35-48

Rek.pris: 3900kr


Nano Carbon Classic

Champions never rest, and the redesigned Nano Carbon Classic improves on its ground-breaking performance with new refinements to flex. The newly-shaped rand and reinforcement focus the flex onto the softshell MemBrain®, letting the boot bend over the length of the ball of foot for precise control and feel of the wax pocket. Its namesake carbon wing heel counter provides torsional stiffness without inhibiting comfort. The PVC-free softshell construction gives the Nano Carbon Classic maximum breathability with water resistance, conforming to the foot shape and keeping your feet comfortable in the most aerobic skiing.

Sizes: 35-48 (37.5-44.5 in ½ sizes)

Rek.pris: 2900kr


Hyper RPC
Hyper RPC
For fit and performance, Madshus Race Performance boots benefit from the development and success of Madshus boots on the World Cup circuit. The Hyper RPC provides excellent stability and increased feel for the snow and ski with its full-width lastboard.
The new PVC-free lower complements the breathable MemBrain® softshell lace cover to provide a warm, dry environment for your feet.

Rek pris: 2100kr


Hyper/ Metis C

The Hyper C uses a redesigned upper profile for a more flexible, relaxed boot.
Built with top-line features like softshell MemBrain® construction for breathability and water resistance, the Hyper C provides competitive skiers with a comfortable, supple, forefoot flex, all in a value-oriented classic boot.

Rek. pris: 1300kr


CT120/ Amica 120

The CT 120 is a classic touring design with a stitched cuff for additional support and an innovative softshell upper made from recycled products. The CT 120’s construction features a water-repellant and breathable softshell and fleece lining made from recycled PET, the same plastic found in soda bottles you take to the recycling center.

Rek. pris: 1200kr


CT100/ Amica 100
CT 100
The CT 100 is a classic touring boot using recycled material in the softshell construction that gives the boot its supportive, comfortable feel and flex for classic skiing. The CT 100’s softshell upper, fleece lining, lastboard, and outsole use recycled PET, turning someone else’s trash into your ticket to winter fun.

Rek. pris: 1000kr



Nano Carbon Skate

Accelerate to the front of the pack with the new Nano Carbon Skate for 2012. The new stiffer carbon composite cuff and lastboard give the Nano Carbon Skate’s frame greater rigidity. The stiffened body transfers energy from each skate stride more efficiently into gliding power and precision. Inside the frame, we’ve eliminated the rand for a single material build that reduces the seams on the upper, providing enhanced comfort, improved waterproofness, and more versatile fit from the softshell MemBrain® construction.
From the top athletes of the World Cup to skiers looking for the ultimate in skate skiing performance, the new Nano Carbon Skate offers unsurpassed precision.

Sizes: 35-48 (37.5-44.5 in ½ sizes)

Rek.pris: 3900kr


Hyper RPS
Hyper RPS
The Hyper RPS is a lightweight, high-end Race Performance skate boot developed from the experience of the Nano SKC. Featuring great stability and torsional stiffness with a full-width and -length lastboard and an anatomically-molded skate cuff and heel counter, the Hyper RPS provides the skate performance of a high-end race-level boot at a reasonable price.

Sizes: 38-48

Rek. pris: 2900kr



Glittertind BC


For backcountry touring, the new Glittertind BC has a hinged cuff for extra edge control. The PVC-free upper is lightweight, yet supportive, and we engineered support and flex inspired by our race boots into the upper of the boot, along with a secure heel hold for climbing.
The waterproof/breathable bootie, Thinsulate™ and the MemBrain® softshell lace cover will keep you warm, dry and comfortable during your off-trail adventures. The printed PU rand provides high abrasion-resistance with minimal weight.
The TPU toe and heel caps provide durable protection during your adventures and are made using 75% reduced-solvent manufacturing techniques. Built on the NNN BC outsole, the new Glittertind BC lets you ski your own course in untracked snow.

Sizes: 35-48

Rek. pris: 2000kr


Vidda BC

Madshus engineered the new Vidda BC to be lightweight and easy-flexing, with a stitched-on cuff for a security and support when travelling off the groomed track. The waterproof/breathable bootie and Thinsulate™ combine to keep your feet warm and dry and your adventures fun. The Vidda is built with environmentally-friendly materials including waterproof Lite™ Leather, produced with 35% reduced C02 emissions and 50% reduced water consumption, and abrasion-resistant TPU made using 75% reduced solvents.
The cuff, supportive upper and NNN BC outsole are perfect for skiers exploring off the groomed track.

Rek. pris: 1800kr



Nano JRR

The Nano JRR boot uses a similar softshell MemBrain® construction technique as its big brothers, the Nano SKC, CLC, and PUC boots.
Its full-width and -length fiberglass lastboard provides forward flex where you need it, while the anatomically-molded combi cuff adds torsional stiffness for more control. For a junior boot with the race performance of an adult boot, the Nano JRR delivers.

Sizes: 33-42

Rek.pris: 1900kr


Super Race

The Super Race is designed for young athletes who look up to World Cup racers. For junior racers looking for a dedicated classic boot with no combi cuff, the Super Race offers the lightweight construction and supple forefoot flex needed for classic racing.
With a breathable softshell lace cover for aerobic skiing, the Super Race is ready to race.

Sizes: 25-40

Rek.pris: 800kr



The Butterfly has comfort and value with a soft toe flex, torsion box tongue, lacing fingers, and an insulating softshell lace cover.
With graphics to match the Butterfly ski, the Butterfly makes the perfect Nordic package for junior girls.

Sizes: 25-37

Rek.pris: 800kr



The new Snow Raider builds upon the easy-on, easy-off adjustability of the single gladiator strap with a higher collar to keep snow out. Fleece-lined for softness and warmth, the updated Snow Raider makes snow play a breeze for parents and kids alike, perfect for those first cross country ski adventures.

Sizes: 25-34

Rek.pris: 800kr