Nano Carbon Race 100 UHM

Redesigned to give our World Cup athletes the equipment advantage they need for success, the NCR100UHM pole is both stiffer and lighter. We maximized the length of the shaft to minimize the weight and improve the swing.
The full-cork Race Handle reduces the weight of the pole and increases the stiffness, and the new UHM basket is more aerodynamic to shed snow even better than before. The Contour Champion Strap has been redesigned to provide even more performance and comfort with less weight.
Its 3D-molded shape is softer, and still thermo-moldable for custom fit. With the adjustment on the back of the hand, the strap offers more fine-tuning with enhanced comfort. The stitch-and-turn seam around the wrist reduces seam thickness for better comfort.
Together, the NCR100UHM provides superior power transfer and low swingweight for strong acceleration past the competition.

Material: 100% UHM-Carbon
Lengths: 137,5-177,5/ 2,5cm

Rek pris: 3000kr

Nano Carbon Race 100HS


The Nano Carbon Race 100 HS offers enthusiasts and competitive skiers extra durability in a very stiff and light racing pole.
The 100% High Strength carbon shaft provides strength and stiffness at a low swingweight for racers, while the full-cork Race Handle is thinner between the thumb and forefinger to enhance comfort and control.

Material: 100% HS-Carbon
Lengths: 135- 175/ 2,5cm

Rek pris: 1900kr

Carbon Race 70

The strong, lightweight shaft of the Carbon Race 70 provides performance for the race-oriented skier.
The ergonomic cork Race Handle wraps to the very top for warmth, and the patent-pending Contour Race strap is 3D-molded to mate with the shape of your hand for all day comfort.

Material: 70% Carbon
135-175/ 5cm

Rek pris: 1200kr

Carbon Race 40

For the citizen racer to the fitness enthusiast, the Carbon Race 40 balances lightweight stiffness and strength for reliable day-in, day-out skiing. The 40% carbon fiber shaft provides performance add exceptional value, and cork Race Handle and patent-pending Contour Race strap cradle your hand in unsurpassed comfort.

Material: 40% Carbon
Lengths: 135-175/ 5cm

Rek pris: 900kr, Kampanj: 700kr

Nano Carbon Race JR

The Nano Carbon Race Jr is engineered for the demands of junior racers with their eyes set on the podium.
The cork Race Handle offers a comfortable grip, and the patent-pending Contour Race strap cradles the hand with a supportive fit.
Built with a 40% carbon fiber shaft, the Nano Carbon Race Jr has the performance and durability for youth racing and training.

Material: 40% Carbon
Lengths: 115-135/5cm

Rek pris: 800kr


CT 60

The new CT60 is built with a carbon-composite shaft that is strong and light for touring and training. The ergonomic cork Race Handle provides warmth and comfort, and the biathlon strap is engineered for all-day skiing with easy entry and exit.

Lengths: 130-170/5cm

Rek.pris: 500kr